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Project DescriptionTravel Application

We took up the challenge of creating a user-friendly and fast-loading mobile application for easy travel booking, sharing, and discovery. It must have an interactive interface to connect travelers with drivers and other users to get an unforgettable experience within their budget. We designed an application for iOS and Android operating systems with a high-end payment and user-connecting interface. The application is inspired by the solo traveling idea in which users never have to perform heavy mind-work to plan their trips. It can also curate trip suggestions based on previous travelling experiences.

How the concept was born

Many people doubt solo traveling but love reading blogs of solo travelers. Due to the indecisive decision concerning traveling, they fear using mobile applications and plan a trip. It also takes micro and macro impacts on the users and the economy. In short, we designed a mobile application to book, share, and discover travel experiences for users who fear traveling alone. Now, they can save their time and money to experience real-time adventure in their favorite location.

User Research

Before conceptualizing the application features, we shared a form and poll with numerous to understand their fundamental needs. We also realized their assumptions parallel to people's issues while planning a duo or solo trip. Compared with competitors in the Travel industry, it helped us design a user-friendly application and integrate unmatched features, such as a search for hotels, video creation from photos, link restaurants or hotels for the better recommendation, hotel booking, etc. Our research created an incredible travel application with a user-interactive booking funnel and integrated Angular 6, Node JS, etc., technologies.

Project Challenges

The client was searching for ways to make travel easier and add value for solo or duo travelers. They wanted to create a mobile application, which will be known as a must-download and comprehensive travel resources for any trip. Therefore, we were challenged to conduct thorough research within the state and create an application that addresses the travelers' requirements. The company also asked not to let the application fall under a specific category but recognized as an individual product. Once the research was completed with polls, interviews, and surveys, we presented the interactive prototype and conceptualized the official idea.

Technology Stack

Gloriosum I.T. Solutions used user flows, information architecture, wireframes, color, and type process to create the mobile application. Information Architecture helped us structure the application that enables users to navigate and find suitable interests. For easy text legibility and readability, we used SF pro display. The mobile application is eventually stacked with Native Andriod/IOS-Swift, Node JS (KOA.JS), Angular 6, Postgresql, Mongodb, and Magisto technologies. The stacked technologies made the application compatible, user-friendly, fast-loading, and interactive on all grounds. The overall concept and design helped the Travel industry boom the economy with mindful and happy tourists.

Our Happy Clients

Gloriosum IT Solutions is recognized for crafting the most eye-catchy and innovative websites and mobile applications. We provide diversified, customized services that are rendered by a skilled team to bring business growth. In short, most clients always consult us for their future projects.


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