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Project DescriptionSocial Application

The client asked us to create a unique mobile application where both drivers and travelers can register themselves. It will help their community to transact friendly and authoritative business on their terms. The application will allow drivers to find unknown and known travelers inside their community to earn some money. The client did not want to charge any commission from the income but aims at delivering a friendly peer-to-peer platform. The mobile application is designed for iPhones and Android systems. It also connects users to meet other travelers on their way and interact with them to build cordial relationships.

How the concept was born

For the last decade, people are extensively using carpooling and taxi applications. The drivers typically charge high so that they get a decent income after commission deduction. The client wanted to create a platform where people can connect by lending help and setting flat-rate while confirming the travel itinerary. Therefore, it desired to develop a mobile application or software for two-way networking, navigation, and travel. The client wanted to change the tourism industry's dimensions by rendering software that will help users travel, drive, and create a network among people.

User Research

At Gloriosum I.T. Solutions, we take pride in developing mobile applications that depend on data-driven experiences. We also worked with the client to discover insights. To launch the application design, we held a methodology session to recognize outstanding features and identify goals, user stories, and priorities. We did it by having discussions with both the client and the users who will use the application. We revealed experiences like the value of social sharing, distinct audiences, and offline access in the mobile application through this cycle. The final prototype was made available to the travelers and drivers to work for their community without giving commission to anybody.

Project Challenges

The project's requirements were difficult to comprehend. The concept was to make both providers and user stay on the front-facet. One creates a request, and another sympathetically accepts it to create a network, navigate, and share travel experience within the community. The Payment flow and designed app structure to keep up the transaction history, service provider, and other features are difficult to set with a similar platform. Besides, the challenging functionalities comprise payment acceptance, tracking, travel quotation, and travel request.

Technology Stack

The client represented their mobile application vision with our team. After discussing the requirements and deadline, we carried out the business analysis and developed UX/UI prototype before initiating the real app development. Our developers and the whole team used Socket IO, COCOA, Android SDK, Objective-C, Android Studio, Swift, and CoreData technologies for IOS and Android mobile platforms. We stacked these technologies to create a user-friendly and interactive mobile application for travelers and drivers. It helps them to establish a peer-to-peer connection through networking, sharing, navigating, and traveling.

Our Happy Clients

Gloriosum IT Solutions is recognized for crafting the most eye-catchy and innovative websites and mobile applications. We provide diversified, customized services that are rendered by a skilled team to bring business growth. In short, most clients always consult us for their future projects.


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