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Project DescriptionMedical Application

Gloriosum I.T. Solutions accepted the challenge of creating a mobile application to provide a constant explanation of clinical terminology. It can give a simple clarification of treatment, provider instructions, and diagnosis. With only a couple of taps and at an affordable cost, anybody can have a superior comprehension of their medical treatments and conditions. Using a simple yet powerful and user-friendly interface, a user will have the option to see a curated definition, term, view, or read useful content concerning their medical queries and find online healthcare providers.

How the concept was born

It tends to be hard to communicate with clinical experts. Patients can think that it is hard to understand medical terms, instructions, or definitions concerning their treatment and diagnosis. It leaves them befuddled that can prompt helpless adherence or wrong utilization of a recommended treatment. The disarray can likewise ensue in a missed or delayed follow-up or deception as the patient "Google it." The client had a concept to improve the situation for overall betterment. The application, most importantly, is expected to determine the interaction gap that patients were encountering.

User Research

We provided client their time award-winning expertise to bring their mobile application concept to fulfillment, beginning with an NFP. The final product will be thoroughly planned for both the Android and iPhone operating systems. All editable assets were prepared for software engineers to take control and an interactive NFP that can be demoed to people fundamental to client’s success. Our programmers use the strategies and designing proves when the application is ready to start programming and function when indicating the application's vision to other people.

Project Challenges

We had to develop a mobile application using Angular, Node JS, PayTab SDK, and Mongo DB technologies for backend, frontend, third-party APIs, and database protocols. The application should have an interactive interface where both doctors and patients can register and transact with digital currency to establish communication on medical grounds. It should also work on both iOS and Android mobile platforms without any hassles or differences. The application also needed a prototype that will generate invoices and prescriptions, as suggested by online doctors. In short, the application had to have 24*7 available portal for both patients and doctors to communicate in real-time.

Technology Stack

We used some high-end technologies to support the mobile application when we program it. The application was developed as a non-operational prototype. It was also planned to be developed as an Android and iPhone operating system using REST APIs and React Native, supporting Android 10, iOS 12, Android 9, and iOS 13. Gloriosum IT Solutions is a full-stack development and design company that has a CTO-plus-team to think creatively. It is challenging to locate a team with unmatched chemistry that shares the talent. We eventually delivered the mobile application project within two months' duration.

Our Happy Clients

Gloriosum IT Solutions is recognized for crafting the most eye-catchy and innovative websites and mobile applications. We provide diversified, customized services that are rendered by a skilled team to bring business growth. In short, most clients always consult us for their future projects.


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