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Project DescriptioneCommerce Application

It creates a friendly marketplace for women with curated high-end clothing famous for influential brands. It specializes in fulfilling young women's fashion requirements with fashionable, casual, comfortable, and stylish clothing range. The e-commerce website reflects femininity and quality in the entire product portfolio for special and regular occasions. It also has social media networks for women to share their photos, personal style, and inspiration. With a captivating website, it delivers easy-usability and interactivity for an unforgettable shopping experience.

How the concept was born

There may have been online clothing stores, but they lack the shopping integrity and comfort that most young women want therefore the client wanted to create an online store with fashionable, casual, comfortable, and stylish clothing such as rompers, dresses, bottoms, tops, etc., to meet the fluctuating fashion statement of the teenager or young girls. It wants to deliver high-end and curated products of popular brands. There is no online store yet that has allowed women or buyers to showcase the products they purchased. The application was created to give millennials and non-millennials the much required buying and influencing power.

User Research

The application was designed to provide an interactive and fun process in shopping. It needed a user-friendly interface to enable young women to create content and posts of the purchased clothes for social media networks. After understanding the prime requirements, our UI or UX designers created an NFP to allow the website owner to check how the store will look on the computer and mobile devices. We then shortlisted the applicable technologies to streamline online ordering, payment, browsing, and site security features. Our designers eventually created a website that is more than an ordinary clothing online store.

Project Challenges

Our developers needed to design a website that increases online reach and brand equity by focusing on user engagement and solid content additions. They also had the challenge to create a browsable, searchable, and usable product portfolio with clear conversion points and convenient social sharing options. We also took up the challenge to nurture referral traffic results and grow social engagement while developing a full-fledged website. After applying the technologies and fulfilling the challenges, we had to make the website work on mobile devices. It needed some rectifications, but we finally designed a fast loading website on PC and mobile devices.

Technology Stack

Before integrating the technologies, we had to wire-frame a website that is easily navigable, functional and delivers a comfortable e-commerce experience. Therefore, we initially used Drupal technology to create the application for site speed and web development. Rest APIs and React Native alongside PHP was used to design a mobile-friendly and PC operatable website for fast loading and easy interactivity. Our developing and designing team worked continuously on web development and technology integration to deliver a fully-functional website or online store on multiple platforms.

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Gloriosum IT Solutions is recognized for crafting the most eye-catchy and innovative websites and mobile applications. We provide diversified, customized services that are rendered by a skilled team to bring business growth. In short, most clients always consult us for their future projects.


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